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Airborne Laser Top Supplier Award

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For many years NASA, Boeing, Jet Propulsion Laboratories and Northrop Grumman have relied on Valley Precision's proven performance for their most critical flight components and assemblies. Valley machined the undercarriage structure and many of the components for the mechanical arms and shoulder joints for the Mars Rovers, Spirit & Opportunity as well as the contour machined insulation tiles for Boeing's Delta IV Main Rocket which lifted the MER Capsule into outer space.

We are proud to announce our Award of Recognition from NASA for Valley's support and participation on the MER program. In addition, Valley is recognized for providing manufacturing support for The Spectral & Photometric Imaging Receiver Program, The Cassini Program, The Deep Space Network Program, The Geographic Synthetic Aperture Program, The Microwave Limb Sounder Program and the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer program.

Valley Precision is Recognized for being one of Northrop Grumman's Top Suppliers for the "Airborne Laser Defense Fortress", part of our National Defense Shield.

Our Manufacturing Expertise and abilities are very diverse.In addition to being expert tool makers, Valley Precision has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of conventional manufacturing techniques and utilizes the latest state of the art procedures found through out our industry. One of Valley's keys to success is found in the diverse manufacturing relationships developed over the 56 years we have served the aviation community. These relationships have allowed us access to some of the most highly specialized machinery through out our network of sister companies. Access to this highly specialized machinery coupled with Valley's Expertly Engineered Tooling & Procedures has allowed us to offer an amazing array of manufacturing support for your most complex flight components and assemblies.

Valley Precision Metal Products
Enjoys a coveted position as one of America's Premier
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Valley Precision Metal Products

Wire Frame of Airbus

Antenna Structure with Composite Fairing

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