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Valley Precision operates Fadal and Haas Machining centers to a 30"x 60" Capacity. Our Key Manufacturing Engineers, Program Managers and Machinists have over 200 years of combined manufacturing experience.

All Engineering and Programing are done using the latest version of Master Cam and Cad Key. We have the ability of reading and translating most Cad formats such as Solid Works, Catia and Pro-E.

Valley Precision's staff are excellent tool makers. We pride ourselves in developing and building Form and Draw Tooling for your most complex solid models.

Several of our journeyman machinists have served apprenticeships at leading Aerospace organizations such as Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Northrop Grumman and TRW. You can be assured we have the experience and know how to machine your most complex machining requirement.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabrication department uses Cad Key Pro Fold for pre-layout and development. This program actually generates your flat pattern from your 3 D solid model. By utilizing Pro Fold in conjunction with our Omax Water Jet, we can create a complex flat pattern in the shortest lead time. This allows our mechanics to build a complete fabricated and formed detail for proofing in about the time it use to take for just the engineering alone. Once a completed and proofed detail is released from inspection, your job is ready for production. This process eliminates the possibility of error
by allowing a complete inspection of your detail prior to production.

Mechanical Assembly

Our journeyman assemblers come from diverse backgrounds
throughout the Aviation Community. From Nordskogg Industries to TRW, we have put together a team of highly skilled and detail minded assemblers. Whether your requirement is for an Electronics Bay Rack Assembly or a complex Engine or Thrust Reverser Nacelle, you can trust in our skilled technicians to get the job assembled with quality workmanship and care.

Certified TIG Welding and Spot Welding

Valley Precision excels at Tig Welded Assemblies, due in part to Valley's Manufacturing Experience and abilities to build Precise Tools, Jigs and fixtures . We are certified per Mil-W-2219 for Titanium, Stainless Steel & Aluminum. Valley is also certified for Spot Welding per Mil-W-6858.

Our Licensed FAA Repair Station is approved for weld repairs on specific components and assemblies. Valley's Engineering and Quality personnel can obtain approvals for certified FAA approved repairs on any of your aircraft components which call for weld repairs as part of an approved weld repair procedure. In addition to the repairs, Valley performs several specific tests in house such as pressure testing for leaks and pull tests for spot welds. Non destructive testing such as Die Penetrant inspection for Mil-W-2219 Class B and X-Ray for Class A is performed at FAA Authorized Facilities. Our long term relationships with these non destructive testing houses allow Valley to obtain excellent service and lead times.


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