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Valley Precision manufactures a wide variety of Hydro Form Tooling for the Metal Forming Industry. Our abilities to machine complex surfaces from solid models has enabled us to develop precise "Hydro Form Dies".

By developing and manufacturing our own tooling, Valley can help to control your costs and lead times by not having to depend on an outside toolmaker to build tools.

Working closely with a local casting house, we have developed a revolutionary procedure to actually cast extremely hard and dense hydro form dies from your solid models. This procedure works well with the Hydraulic Bladder Press such as the Verson Wheelon. Depending on the actual design characteristics, in many cases these inexpensive cast dies last as long as aluminum or steel monuments at a fraction of the cost.

This Cast Die Process allows our customer a viable economical process as an alternative to machining hard metal tools.

Another revolutionary approach is in using a stereo lithographic model. We can take your wire frame or solid model of the desired form, make a stereo lithograph model and cast your hydroform tool using a proprietary material similar to what bowling balls are made from.

Once all forming and related heat treating is complete, your component can be trimmed using a conventional "router type" trim shell. The more complex close tolerance shapes are trimmed to your net shape using a five axis machining center. We also have access to several 5 axis hydro abrasive machines if required.

In addition to Hydro Forming with a Rubber Box or Bladder Press, Valley is extremely skilled and capable to handle Aircraft Engine Nacelle Components and details such as Stretch Formed Skins, "Structural C & Z Channels" as well as Spun and Polished Lip Skins.



Titanium Stretch Form Channels

Delta II Rocket Component

Delta II Rocket Component

B-737 Thrust Reverse Seals

Partially Finished Hydro-form Tool